Getting projects and systems back on track requires planning, decision-making, and action - not lectures, theory, and slideshows. New Results offers a team of project management veterans with practical experience on what it takes to get things done.

Process Implementation

The New Results team has helped world class organizations implement and improve their project management processes. We know it takes more than boilerplate process documents and canned slideshows to be successful. New Results tailors processes to your requirements, and capabilities; and focuses on what's practical for your organization.

New Results can help you implement an Earned Value Management system that complies with the EVMS ANSI Standard, ANSI/EIA 748. Our team can help you develop and maintain an ANSI 748-compliant integrated cost and schedule control system to meet your needs.

New Results helps deliver management systems that can be used to manage with - not management systems that go through the motions. We understand how to deliver effective management systems that help spot trouble before it starts, so project managers can focus on potential trouble spots before they go critical.

Software Implementation

The New Results team has led project management software implementations for projects, megaprojects, and enterprises. We know what it takes and how to avoid the pitfalls. Plus, we understand the human element - how to minimize pushback and maximize system acceptance and use.

New Results takes a structured approach to software implementation. We can help our clients understand and document use cases based on existing systems and internal/external requirements. The New Results approach gets stakeholders involved early in the process to encourage buy-in. We document success criteria, plan the engagement, and execute the plan.

The New Results team understands project management systems because we live them, every day. And when it comes to project management software implementation, we practice what we preach and manage our projects to ensure success.

System Integration

The New Results team are experts in system integration. We know that project managers need information to manage. But that information is distributed throughout the organization.

We can bring that information together through system integration. The New Results technical team has decades of experience tying management systems together. While systems have become more complex, we have the know-how and technology to bridge those gaps in order to provide meaningful information.